Bruno Gröning

Bruno Gröning is a German healer who was born in 1906. near Danzig in Germany and died in 1959 in Paris. He was teaching that spiritual forces have influence on incarnated beings. He compared a human with a battery. Every person has in himself vital energy which burns. If this energy isn't renewed, the consequences are fatigue, exhaustion, nervousness, anxieties and illnesses. According to him this energy could be renewed in a way that person should be sitting with his or her hands open wide and his or her palms upwards so that the healing stream could flow through the body.

This spirituality uses the term healing stream, and that is practically the same as  vital energy, prana, nirvana, divine energy etc. The way that this "healing stream" flows through the body is the same as in reiki, where the person meditates and holds hands in a certain position in order to receive "life energy" from the Universe. It is completely clear that there is no "healing stream" just like there is no "life energy" in reiki.

In his autobiography Bruno Gröning claims: "Since I was a child sick people were healed when they found themselves in my presence." Statement like this obviously shows lack of humility. He got married at the age of 21 with Gertrud Cohn from Danzig. This marriage was full of misunderstandings because his wife didn't support his healing ministry. With her he had two sons, Harald and Günter, born in 1931 and 1939. Both of them died in hospitals at the age of 9. It is strange that a person who was already famous as a healer, couldn't help his own sons. In 1953 he founded the Bruno Gröning Association. The meaning of that Association was to gather new members but also to raise funds for his defence in the court. In 1954 he was banned by the court in Germany to organize his public gatherings . In 1955 he remarried to a French girl Josette Duossé. In 1958 he was sentenced because of illegal healing service. He died of cancer in January 1959 in Paris. All this shows that his life was full of contradictions.

Gröning described himself as a messenger of a healing wave (this healing wave is supposed to be above Germany at 9:00 and 21:00 hours). He claimed that sick people can tune themselves  in on this wave as if someone tunes a radio on a radio station. To make the receiving better a person can use a bowl of aluminum or silver foil. In order to receive healing wave a person should be sitting with arms or legs crossed to avoid short circuit. All this is absolute nonsense. And most absurd is that he demanded even from the people around the patient not to doubt in Bruno Gröning or this method of healing, because it can cause a life threatening backstroke. According to him the same problems appear when a person that is already healed leaves his association or abandons his teachings. It is obvious that he wanted from the people to fear him, what shows that he was a false profit. His method of healing is completely useless and no one should have any fear of leaving his circle of friends.

In Bruno Gröning circle of friend his followers show him great admiration and respect. They gather on meetings where they invoke the spirit of the deceased, claiming that this healing energy comes from him. This practice is called Spiritism, or invoking of spirits. Many Catholic priests agree that this practice can be very dangerous, because it goes into a sphere of occult. People who used to practice Spiritism often hear voices, have suicidal thoughts and other problems. This spirituality is not the one that heals, but it can cause serious problems to a person.